About John Ford

John Ford is a family historian and genealogist with an  honours degree in Anthropology (BA Hons) obtained at James Cook University and a post graduate degree (Post Grad) in Theology obtained through the Charles Sturt University. He has also completed a Certificate of Achievement in Genealogy issued by the University of Strathclyde.  John has worked within Aboriginal communities and and as an Associate Lecturer in anthropology with JCU.

John is currently researching the historical context of the families Ford, Cornish, Trezise, Hall, Bolton, Purdie and Muir who have historical connection with Cumbrae in Scotland and further connections in Cornwall.  He is particularly interested the family’s contribution during World War 1 and 2, the Vietnam War, and involvement in the construction and opening of the Peacekeepers Memorial in Canberra.

For those wanting further details or just wanting to get in touch may contact John at johnfordau@yahoo.com