Genealogy Family Trees

James Ford was born in Millport on the Isle of Cumbrae in Scotland to Samuel Ford and Margaret Wright.  While I cannot trace Samuel Ford’s parents Margaret Wright’s lineage stretches back considerably.

I have elected to construct a number of family trees mainly for my own benefit as the number of members grow and to keep the structure confined to one aspect of the family descent.  The heavier line marks the line of descent which will hopefully assist with navigating the ancestral tree structure.

Samuel Ford and Margaret Wright raised ten children five of whom emigrated to Australia in the mid 1800s.  Susanna Ford  married James Purdie in the Glasgow area before she left for South Australia as did Samuel Ford and John Ford.  William Ford went to Australia while James Ford sailed to New Zealand before moving to Australia.


James Ford married Elizabeth Muir in New Zealand before embarking for Australia where his son, Robert Muir Ford was born.  Robert Muir Ford married Esther Grace Collins and raised four children the youngest, William (Bill) Ford married Florence Josephine Margaret Cornish.

Florence Josephine Margaret Cornish’s ancestors came from Cornwall in England. The Cornish side of the family were associated with mining in Cornwall while Margaret Hall’s father worked as a mariner on the Coastguard around the Channel Coast.

Below is a more detailed Cornish descent.

Hugh Trezise married Margaret Hall their daughter, Florence Maud Trezise married Joseph Allen Cornish.  Hugh Trezise parents were James Trezise and Margaret Mitchell who were also from Cornwall.


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