Richard Cornish – update

I have been prowling the web and the genealogical sites related to Cornwall seeking more information about Richard Cornish. Richard Cornish immigrated from Cornwall arriving in Melbourne on the SS Norfolk in 1862.

Negotiating the local parish records and the English General Register Office is challenging to say the least.  However, I have gleaned some valuable information concerning Richard Cornish’s parents, Samuel Cornish and Elizabeth Rogers Carter and their parents.

I would like to thank the Penwith Genealogy and their forum site for providing valuable information. Their help is appreciated.

The quick link to the update may be found here.


Cornwall, Miners and Man Engines

I did not know what a man engine was until I took a closer look at Richard Cornish.

Like many born in the Western end of Cornwall, Richard worked in a mine but found his way to Australia in the mid 1800s along with 6.7 other immigrants.

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