Images and photographs of family birth certificates, marriage records and memorials

Entrance to the Mid Kirton Cemetery, Millport wherein lies the memorials to the Ford family. Photo by Tim Ford

Another view of the Ford memorials. The memorial in the foreground is that of the Wright family. Photo by Corrine Fordschmid.

Memorial to Samuel Ford and James Jack, husband to Mary Ford. Photo by Tim Ford.

Samuel Ford memorial. Photo by Corrine Fordschmid.

The memorial inscription, which is comprehensive, reads;

Erected by Samuel Ford Feuar Millport and Margaret Wright his Wife in memory of their son Peter who died 28th July 1825 aged one year

The said Samuel Ford, who died 15th Nov. 1836, aged 50 years also his daughter Margaret who died 3rd October 1858 aged 36 years.

The said Margaret Wright who died 13 June3 1882 aged 90 years.

James Jack memorial. James married Mary Ford and died at sea. Photo by Corrine Fordschmid.

The inscription reads;

Erected by Mary Ford in memory of her husband James Jack who was killed at sea, 22 January 1858 aged 44 years.

Also her daughter Maggie who died 12 July 1859 aged 7 years.

Also the above Mary Ford died 4 January 1902 aged 83 years.

Also her son Edward died 20 June 1904 in his 55th year.


Ford memorial in Ballarat cemetery. Photo by Tim Ford.

The memorial is in poor condition but some of the text is distinguishable.

Ford memorial Ballarat interment record.

While the memorial shows marked deterioration the plaque at the foot is a more recent addition most likely erected by relatives of the Bolton’s.  The memorial contains the following internments.

William Kinsey Bolton, b. about 1961, married Mary Ford, younger sister to Robert Muir Ford, probably in the Wills Street home in Bendigo of James Ford.  Hammersley Bolton is therefore probably their son.

Joseph Davidson is unknown but probably a good friend.

Elizabeth Muir was James Ford’s wife.

Esther Grace Ford/Collins was Bill Ford’s (my father) mother.

Janet Eliza Ford was born to William Ford who was born Millport 31 May 1836 and who married Sarah Clark.

Jean Ford is my father’s sister.

Robert Muir Ford, Bill Ford’s father.

Sarah Ford, wife of William Ford b. Millport.

William Ford, a child of James and Elizabeth (my father was unaware of his existence).


The final resting place of James Ford, an unmarked grave in Bendigo, buried on 4 September 1915, cemetery section Mon F1, grave number 22904. Photo by Tim Ford.


Wright memorial in Mid Kirton Cemetery. Photo by Corrine Fordschmid.