A Ship Has Been Sighted: The Story of Samuel Ford

Sometime before 1815 Samuel Ford arrives on the Isle of Cumbrae situated in the middle of Clyde, Scotland, works as a quarrier and dies in 1836 bearing the prodigious title of feuar.  No archival records identify Samuel Ford until the first of ten children was born in 1816.

From the birth records, we know that Samuel Ford married Margaret Wright but there is no record of a marriage.  Margaret Wright’s father, Robert Wright, is recorded as a mariner of the Royal George revenue cutter station on the island from 1779 to 1820 

When did Samuel come from and why did he come to Cumbrae?  His past is shrouded in mystery.  It is also the case that smuggling was a way of life around the Clyde. Could it be that the wayward youth, a revenue cutter, and an unrecorded marriage have an Irish beginning?