Genealogy without Ancestry

Genealogy without Ancestry is about how I managed to find my ancestors and document their lives without the assistance of commercial ancestry websites.

It is apparent reading any number of facebook posts that many ancestry searchers are frustrated with using commercial ancestry sites.  While there are any number of websites advising how to do this for free, and some of these sites are not without merit, there is the aspect that the dedicated researcher will have to branch out on their own at some point.

So I begin a series of posts about my own personal experience in researching my family’s history.   Not everything about one’s family is contain in the BDM files.  At some point the researcher will have to leave the safe haven of state archives and spread their wings in order to join the dots together.  But how to make sense of all this additional material that is not closeted away?  For instance, just what makes evidence reliable?  How to differentiate between the possible and the probable?



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