Samuel Cornish & Co with Caution ..

Over the past weeks I have been engaged in tracing back through the Richard Cornish side of the family which, ironically, takes me back to Cornwall, Cornish by name and by nature it appears.

Unlike Scotland, tracing ones ancestors in England is a minefield with many dead ends or ends that seem to inevitable lead to a full fee paying commercial ancestry sites, which, if you have visited my site previously you may note my dislike for such predatory behaviour.

Subsequent, the information I have obtained over the years of my research has not been through commercial ancestry sites but through identifying and tracking down the original source.   This has been no easy task where England is concerned.  However, with my patience needle hovering on empty, I have manager to find some nuggets of information.

My initial course of action, which I have found is usually fruitful, is searching out the census data.  Often this data is minimalist but by tracing family over a number of census’ you can gain some idea of the relative dates of births and marriages.   I have included the 1841, 1851 and 1861 census date for the family of Richard Cornish.

The images can be viewed in a larger format by clicking the image.

Richard Cornish I had earlier established as immigrating to Bendigo where he initially worked as a miner, then married and became the manager of the United Hustler and Redan Company mine.  Richard, as the English census records indicate, was born Germoe, a tiny village in the midst of the Cornish tin mining area in Cornwall.  That was the easy part but by cross checking and referencing with the census data I was eventually able to trace down his parents.

There was one pitfall which ancestry searchers inevitable find.  It is often the case in the days before universal health care, that a child was born but died a short time later only to be ‘replaced’ by the next child bearing the same name and with a birth date a just two or three years apart.  Inevitable this adds confusing, a smokescreen, when shifting through the detritus of the past.  I have two examples of this episode in my own research.  These possibilities should also caution researchers to check what others claim they have discovered.  There is inherent danger in not throughly checking the archives.







You will note on the Richard Cornish family tree there are two Elizabeth Roger Carters, one dying within the first year.

There are still gaps on the family tree to fill in but I suspect such will take some time.

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