Using Popular Ancestry Websites

The question seems to keep cropping up from time to time concerning errors on ancestry trees.  For the records, I have found any number of errors with respect to my own ancestors on ‘popular’ ancestry type websites. I have not attempted to ‘correct’ this information.  Rather, I have placed all the information I have to hand on this website where others are free to pursue and comment.  Importantly, the source of ones material needs to be accessed by others so they can see where you have made you decisions. Sources are the thing that is missing from the popular ancestry sites. What others do with that material is then up to them and it’s their responsibility. My own policy is that I do not use the popular ancestry websites.

For those anxious over such matter it is perhaps a better policy to do the research yourself.  This is not difficult but it does consume time.  Perseverance and patience are required.  The general internet is an important tool, particular at this time when many organisations are closed due to CoVID-19.

Remember, history is important.  Local knowledge can be accessed through using search engines and following leads.  Often history will determine the truth of matters.   If there is some information that a ancestor travelled by train and a search on the web reveals that no railway line existed in the area at the time it would probably mean that they had not used a train.  Small things matter.


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