In following the life James Ford’s father, Samuel Ford, I have been searching out the Irish website that might assist.  The name Ford is one of the oldest locational names in Ireland and while the name has many Irish roots I suspect that Samuel Ford was of a family that descended from the ‘plantations’ that England visited on the country.

As I have indicated elsewhere the parents of Samuel were probably named Robert and Mary given the naming patterns in vogue at the time.  I have found a website that lead me to the National Archives of Ireland where I found some had written census records for County Cork.  They turned up some interesting results.

The above record identifies Robert Ford and Mary Sullivan marrying in 1793, but are probably not the parents of  Samuel Ford  who was born about 1786.  But the record also demonstrates similarities in both forenames and surnames associated with the Ford family of Cumbrae and with County Cork.  What the record does support is my convictions that within County Cork there is a ‘word cloud’ of names that indicate that Samuel’s parents have come from within this county.  I am pursuing further connections in the area.

In the meantime I am pleasantly surprise that the James Ford Ancestors website has been accepted for listing by the Irish Genealogical Research Society and now appears on their website.

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