Register of Sasines

I have been remiss in not posting on my latest research.

I have been away from the site for too long but I have not been inactive.  The book is now progressing to point where I am thinking about finding an agent.  This is rather daunting.  I have the publication worked to a point where I am happy with it but such may not meet the standard required for an agent to become interested.  But still, it is a work in progress and I can now see the wood for the trees.

The latest gem of information has come from the Register of Sasines in Scotland which is the record of land and property holdings.  The register confirms that Alexander Wright, the grandfather of Margaret Wright was feued Tenement No. 40 in the feu plan of 1781-82 on Cumbrae.  This location is the same as the one occupied by Margaret Wright at the time of the 1841 census which means that Samuel Ford was indeed a ‘feuar’ and one of the few in Scotland at that time.  It should be remembered that tenants paid rent and only if such rent was maintained determined their living status.  But a feuar could pass on their property right through inheritance.

Further, the Register of Sasines provides information as to the Tenements that border the actual Tenement with the result that the Wright residence along Staurt Street, Millport, was one removed from Tenement no 42 feued to the ‘Schoolmaster.



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