Hiatus and beyond ..

Well, that was exhausting .. moving that is.

I have relocated from Maryborough to Gympie but have remained in Queensland.

It was all a bit sudden really, and blindsided me completely.  One moment I am safely ensconced in Maryborough and the next day I’m packing, throwing out, recycling stuff in preparation for the uplift.

The result was that I could no nothing on the site, which I was in the process of revamping before the ‘move’.   But all is good now which, in hindsight, was rather fortuitous given the spread of COVid-19 and the stay at home rule.  Apart from focusing my attention of ancestry searching I am feeding butcher birds and magpies .. beautiful sounds in the morning.

Thank you to all those who helped through the move.  Your efforts were really appreciated.

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