Correct Spelling for ‘Cumbrae’

I had an email directing my attention to the spelling of ‘Cumbrae’ on the Chasing Samuel Ford page; A Statistical Account of the Isle of Cimbrae.  

The general consensus is that the correct spelling is ‘Cumbrae’, but there are many references to other spellings.  Below I have provided a further reference illustrating some of the spellings back in 1797.

Just to clarify, in relation to the particular spelling ‘Cimbrae,’ it should be noted that the reference indicates a particular title of an article, highlighted by italic text,  which can only be identified by the printed title as appearing on the work itself.  This is a technical area that is surrounded by copyright laws and offences concerning plagiarism.  However, if a spelling mistake appears in a quoted text from a referenced article the error can be corrected when contained within square brackets [sp.] indicating that the one is aware of the mistake.  A good example appears in the textual quote itself.

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