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Welcome to The Wright Inheritance website.

The Wright Inheritance is a non-commercial educational website and does not carry any advertising.

Before shifting through the material on this site please check the Mailbox page for the latest posts.

Also, note that this site is searchable through a search button that may be found at the top right of the page.

While the website documents the heritage of Samuel Ford it is also concerned with logging the lives of the Wright, Cornish, Trezise and Hall families.

Genealogy, it is said, is the basic form of history for the secrets of any family lie in the past.  In documenting the lives of my ancestors I am conscious that I am writing about those whom I have never met and who never imagined that anyone at some time in the future would effectively put their lives under a forensic microscope. For those who may not have necessarily approved of my intrusion, nor of my forensic microscope, my response is to at least acknowledge my intrusion and then do justice to the evidence thus found.

Consequently, you will note that I have not restricted the site to purely recorded names, dates and places.  What I have endeavoured to do is to place those names, dates, and places into a historical context

Genealogy generally means that there are always changes to be made in light of further research, there is always something new to consider.  I, therefore, encourage you to return to the site regularly to check the results of

The site is divided into a number of pages depending on whether the page is text-based or one that contains images, photographs, or family trees.  As a result, the text pages are not unnecessarily cluttered with images and photographs, which might be more readily located on their own dedicated pages.

So please visit regularly and ask questions.  I will do my best to answer.  You will find contact information on the About John Ford page.


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